Regeneration on injector

Repair and regeneration:

• Common Rail Bosch injectors
• Common Rail Delphi injectors
• Two spring injectors
• Single spring injectors

Common Rail made by: Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens

Installed in the vehicles:

• Personal 14v, tdi, tdci, hdi, cd, cdi, dci, crdi, cdti, i-cdti, citd, jtd, multijet, d-4d, vcdi, etc.
• Trucks 28v, Volvo, Vm.Kamaz, Iveco, Eurocargo, Fiat, Ducato, Renault, Daf, MAN, etc.

Cleaning and testing of the injector units and Common Rail injectors,
Denso, Siemens and piezoelectric injectors.

The most often symptoms to the damaged injectors:
•   Excessive fuel consumption
•   Difficult starting of engine or impossibility to start engine
•   Damaged piston / cracked or burned out
•   Errors in the engine injector controls
•   Switched on heater plug control lamp
•   Perceptible loss of engine power
•   Uneven engine operation at idle run
•   Smoke in white or black colours
•   External leak   
•   Increased engine oil level


Regeneration of the Denso, Siemens, piezoelectric injectors

•   The first stage consists of the external cleaning in washing stands with the ultrasonic method
•   The second stage consists of the internal cleaning with the hot detergent /80c/ connected with controlling of injectors,
    removal of fragmented contaminations, remained after ultrasonic cleaning and deposits difficult to remove.
•   Measurement of injector’s electric circuit
•   Electronic test by means of Zapp Cru2 device and printing of the set and real values in case of the electromagnetic
    and piezoelectric injectors of every maker.
•   Spray test.
•   Injector electronic circuit test: resistance, inductance, capacity and the parameters dependant of the particular type of
•   Leak test.
•   Common Rail injector opening pressure test at giving the regulating signal.
•   A few points test of the injection rates and overflows at the full scope of loads.
•   Injector dosing rate measurement with the simultaneous regulation of many doses.

Cleaning and testing is dedicated to the injectors unrepairable because of lack of the technology and spare parts. It mainly refers to the Common Rail, Denso, Siemens and Common Rail Bosch piezoelectric injectors.



Injection units: external and internal injectors:
•   External cleaning in washing stands with the ultrasonic method
•   High pressure internal cleaning with use of the hot /80c/ detergent connected with the regulation of injection unit and
    removal of defragmented contaminations remained after the ultrasonic cleaning and deposits difficult to remove.
•   Testing injector end spraying
•   Electric testing of the opening and closing time of injection unit valve.





•   Diesel Common Rail Bosch electromagnetic injectors
•   Delphi Common Rail one spring, two spring injectors

Injectors delivered to check are dismantled into parts and subassemblies to perform the initial visual inspection by means of microscope.

The next steps of the repair and regeneration of injector are specified as follows:

•   Cleaning of all injector elements by ultrasonic method in washing stands.
•   Replacement of the internal injector seals into new seals.
•   Replacement of used / damaged elements of injectors, like injector ends, valves, discharge ports for the new and
    original in case of a need and under agreement with customer for additional payment.
•   The next step to perform testing on the Bosch Eps 200 or Zapp Cru 2 testing device with printing of both set and real



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