regeneracja We are specialised in the professional regeneration of turbochargers for personal cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, construction and agricultural machines and the machinery of the other kind. Our offer includes the products made by all leading manufacturers.

wtryskiwaczyWe repair and regenerate the following injectors: Common Rail Bosch, Common Rail Delphi, two spring, single spring, etc. made by Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, etc.

naprawyWe offer repairs and render also such services as cleaning of injectors, testing and checking of injectors and other actions regarding injections. Common Rail has no secrets to us.

Welcome to J.T. Diesel Service...


Welcome to J.T. Diesel Service pages. We invite to cooperate with us in the scope of repairs, regenerations, cleaning and sealing of: the Common Rail injections, injectors and injection units to personal cars and trucks. We encourage to read out offer… We join customers from Stargard and its vicinity…